Milk Powder

Milk Powder

Milk Powder

Beroia Milk Powder range includes Instant Full Cream, Whole Cream, and Fat-Filled Milk Powders. The milk powder gas a soluble form made by spray-drying fresh pasteurized milk. Our Milk Powder range has good flow properties and excellent solubility, and it maintains a good fat level and creamy flavor. The product is enriched with Vitamin A & D3.

Applications: Confectionery, Beverages, Consumer Applications.

Packaging: 25kg in Poly Lined Kraft Paper Bags.

Shelf Life: 24 Months.

Storage Conditions: In its original packing in a cool, dry environment and protected from direct exposure to sunlight and heat.



Loading Quantity

25kg Paper Bag

20 ft.

620 Bag

25kg Paper Bag

40 ft.

1100 Bag